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Wehrheim / Taunus

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Wehrheim has a population of  9.900 residents  and is part of the Hochtaunus National Park, 30 kilometers to the north of Frankfurt/Main. The municipality also includes the villages Obernhain, Pfaffenwiesbach and Friedrichsthal. It is a very popular residential area and many of its residents commute to the Rhein-Main area to work. Others are employed in the many small businesses in Wehrheim itself.


There are many of different clubs and activities in this small town. Traditions and customs are fostered, and in the historic centre you will find many restored half-timbered houses. There are also sports facilities and playgrounds, as well as many other community centres. And the beautifully-situated swimming pool in Wehrheim is visited regulary during the summer months by guests from far and near.


Wehrheim is now a modern community, where you will find farming and trade alongside high tech business. We also have a partnership with the Hungarian town of Werischwar near Budapest. 




wehrheim´s apple-queens:


Celin 1st. (2019 / 2020)


Celine 1st.I. (2018 / 2019)


Katharina 2nd. (2017 / 2018)


Jenny 1st. (2016 / 2017)


Bianca 1st. (2015 / 2016)


Sophia 1st. (2014 / 2015)


Sandra 1st. (2013 / 2014)


Sunny 1st. (2012/2013)


Peggy 1st. (2011/2012)


Eva-Maria 1st. (2010/2011)


Katharina 1st. (2009/2010)


Vanessa 1st. (2008/2009)


Steffi 1st. (2007/2008)


Melanie 1st. (2006/2007)


Patricia 1st. (2005/2006)


Margit 1st. (2004/2005)





further information:

Gemeindeverwaltung Wehrheim

Dorfborngasse 1

61273 Wehrheim

Tel.: 06081 - 589 1010

Fax: 06081 - 589 4710

E-Mail: info@wehrheim.de






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